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Elektrokran-Podem LTD manifactures, reconstructs and supports bridge, portal, hanging and gantry cranes. Provides garanty and after-garanty service. The company is licensed for building crane rail ways and monorail ways. Also mounting and demounting of crane equipment.The company offers wide range of modifications and tonnages for the manifatured and serviced lifting equipment.One of the most effective extras We offer is the reconstruction of the cranes to operate on radio channel. The modification provides excellent control on the lifting crane for the operator.For smooth movement of the crane, We offer mounting of frequency inverters. The engines for movement in every direction could be power through frequency drivers or just the chosen ones by the client. The freuqnecy driven engines are more effective and drain less energy.Bridge cranes - suitable for closed areas and shelters. The bridge crane provides excellent access to every installation in your facility, because it`s positioned high in the building.Portal cranes - suitable for open spaces. They are lifting equipment of choice for open storage areas and manifactures.Hanging cranes - suitable for closed areas and shelter. The hanging bridge provides higher lift altetude then the bridge cranse. Hanging cranes have larger active area.In the gallery you can see manifactured or modified by Us cranes.


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